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LyfeRadio Downloads

project 1

DJ Fabian

ArtistDJ Fabian
Date15th September 2017

Tracklist included in Download.
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project 2

DJ Benny

ArtistDJ Benny
Date16th September 2017

Tracklist included in Download.
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project 3


Date10th August 2017

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  • project 1

    DJ Fabian - Latest Mix

    15th September 2017

  • project 2

    DJ Benny - Latest Mix

    16th September 2017

  • project 3

    DJ DNSK - Latest Mix

    10th August 2017

LyfeRadio DJs

team 1

DJ Fabian

LyfeRadio Founder

Name -- Fabian
Age -- 31 Years
Country -- Netherlands
Favorite Genre -- Hardstyle

team 1

DJ Benny

LyfeRadio DJ

Name -- Benny
Age -- 28 Years
Country -- Netherlands
Favorite Genre -- Rawstyle

team 1


LyfeRadio DJ

Name -- Daniel
Age -- 35
Country -- Sweden
Favorite Genre -- Rawstyle

About LyfeRadio

LyfeRadio officially started under the name PirateLyfe Radio from 10th July 2014 till 1st March 2015. Then switched the name to LyfeRadio. Also noteable in the start we used to play all different genres of music, and more recently in October 2015 we made the switch to Harderstyles Only music. Cause most of our listeners enjoy that style more. We started our Journey on a page with just a player, and soon after switched to a nice looking website. The 3rd version was a responsive version, the 4th version was a very fancy looking website, and this is currently version 5 of LyfeRadio's Website!.

The Future of Lyferadio is looking pretty good, we are currently in contacts with alot of different dj's that will be hosting their shows and livesets on LyfeRadio. Also we will be partnering up with a few more websites, to gain in more traffic and hopefully more awesome people to connect with :) We've Recently partnered up with, check out their website!


  • Hard-Trance 2.4% of the Database

  • Hardstyle 87.2% of the Database

  • Hardcore 10.3% of the Database

LyfeRadio Database

Data on the left represents the styles of music in the Database!

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What Listeners Say?

These are little Testimonials from our Listeners about LyfeRadio!.

"Love the music and the quality is great!"

Kaden Listener

"The station is awesome, and makes me wanna dance 24/7"

Caitlin Listener

"So much variety of styles, its great!"

Ross Listener

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others."

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